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"Devils In Angels" the rock slingers from Chicago continues it's rock dream in 2014. Loaded with lowdown rock riffs like "Hurts To Love So Good" and arena rock anthems like "Headed Down South", to acoustic soul ballads like "Save Me" bring you in with full effect and entice you with the dynamic and entertaining frontwoman "Angelina Van Arden".

© 2014 Photos by Petr Krestenic & CiJay Pikula.

"Devils In Angels" started out in the outskirts of Chicago back in early 2012. Ever since then they have had the priviledge of performing in front of some awesome crowds as well as venues. These MidWest rockers have managed to carve a nitch in a like minded fan base that also just likes to have a positive vibe and a rockin good time.

2012 and 2013 were two very good years that launched two very good albums "Cocked & Loaded" and "Rocked Hot & Bothered", but 2014 looks to be shaping up to be another fantastic year. Angelina Van Arden, Daniel DeRomo, Will Hart and Mr. Paul Daylee seem to be geared up to make 2014 even louder more flamboyant, and entertaining. "Devils In Angels" has declared there motto again for this year as in any other from the beginning,



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